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  “The best leader is the one who has the sense enough to pick good people to do what he wants done, and the self-restraint to keep from  meddling with them while they do it”. Theodore Roosevelt

A recent McKinsey survey of top management suggests that certain behaviours have become critical in order to meet future leadership challenges and yet they are in short supply.  Of the 4 most critical behaviours, three are more often demonstrated by women.  Our program shows women how to leverage their strengths in these areas.

Impact - There is no more important skill in attaining success -- personal and professional -- than ability to communicate effectively and with impact. Communication is not just about the WHAT it’s  about the HOW

Influence -  Is a  key leadership skill.  We work with and through other people as a leader and we need to influence in order to succeed.  There is a specific psychology and neurology of influence that we can learn which increases effectiveness noticeably

Image - Personal branding and how others perceive us contributes to our success as a leader

Participants receive personalised feedback on their skills application

Action planning for implementation back in the workplace in alignment with the 70/20/10 methodology

Workshop Content
  • What are the leadership criteria those that define good leadership (your personal leadership brand)

  • How to define your own leadership style and what being a great leader looks like for you

  • The role unconscious stereotyping and bias plays

  • How to develop and manage your status

  • How to find your voice and really be heard at the leadership table

  • How to be a successful influencer and persuader

  • To identify any 'gaps' in your leadership and develop strategies to 'close' them

Learning Outcomes
  • Retention of female talent

  • More women at senior levels

  • Becoming an organisation of choice for women

  • Well rounded decision making

Benefits to your Organisation

It’s a program designed especially for high-potential, professional women who aspire to be exemplary leaders.  It’s for any woman who is dedicated and committed to developing herself professionally and wants to reach her full potential.

Who Should Attend

Women in Leadership