Leadership Strategy


What is a disruptive intrapreneur?

You may have heard of a disruptive entrepreneur .....

This term comes from Clayton Christensen’s writing on the challenges big companies and organisations face in developing new ideas.


Christensen’s argument is that companies and organisations are focused on delivering value to their existing customers and stakeholders and therefore, do not always pursue innovations that could potentially streamline or improve the way they work.

This gap presents an opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop products and services that meet this unsatisfied demand.

You may also have heard of an intrapreneur.......

A person within a large corporation or organisation who takes direct responsibility for turning an idea into a real working solution. This is really the same thing an entrepreneur does but within your organisation so you get the benefit.

So why not develop your own internal disruptive entrepreneur capability set?


What complex problems is your organisation facing now, or you predict will face in the next 3-5 years? 


According to research into what the future of work will be like, it seems clear that organisations will need corporate talent that is able to 'literally' think like a boss and use evolved and wide-ranging strategies to move beyond their organisations problems.


Their corporate knowledge will need to include:


  • Behavioural Economic and nudge theory

  • Neuro-science (Leadership)

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Human Factors

If you would like a complimentary presentation to your senior executive team on how this might help your organisation with its complex challenges then contact us below and we will organise a time and date that suits you.  

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