How to Become More Efficient at Work

Our Value Assessment packs are for:


  • Human Resource and Learning and Development professionals

  • Recruitment Specialists

  • Career Coaches

  • Graduates at the beginning of their career

  • Anyone who wants to make the most of their career choices


Values are things that are most important to us in our lives and careers. Our values are formed in a variety of ways, through our life experiences, our feelings and our families.  In the context of career planning, values generally refer to the things we want to experience in our career.


Being aware of what we value in our careers is important because a career choice that is in-line with our core beliefs and values is more likely to be a lasting and positive choice.


These Career Clarity cards will help anyonw assess how their values play a role in shaping their career path.

The Values Profile Pack Contains:


  • 64 cards all with different motivators or career values on them.

      You sort to determine what is most important to you.

  • Work book containing:

    Instructions on how to complete the values exercise

    Space for you to record your results.

     Leaders Guide to help the manager use the pack with their team member

    Questions and ideas to help you clarify what is important to you.


I came to Louise to help me get clarity and motivation in my work.  I had spent a considerable amount of time before engaging Louise in planning and setting up systems to help me achieve my objectives, however this didn't bring the results I was hoping for. After spending a short time working though the Career Clarity cards it became obvious why I was lacking motivation. It gave me a clear picture of all the things I was doing in my life that I didn't want to be, and everything that I wanted in my life that I wasn't currently achieving.  This was a very profound moment of realisation for me that I wasn't able to achieve on my own.

Ilea Buffier

Managing Director

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