Success Likelihood Profile

Estimated time to complete 10 minutes 

This will assess whether there are any potential psychological obstacles that could limit an individual’s likelihood for success.

Report details results on:

Fear of Success/Success Avoidance: Assesses whether a person has the tendency to walk away from opportunity, and the degree to which he/she fears the potential repercussions of success.


Fear of social consequences of success: Assesses whether a person fears other people’s potential reactions to his/her success.


Fear of Failure: Assesses attitude towards failure and the degree to which a person fears the potential consequences of it. ● Drive/Ambition: Assesses whether a person sets goals for himself/herself and has the determination and willingness to achieve success.


Self-esteem: Assesses whether a person believes in himself/herself an in his/her abilities. 


Sense of control over success potential: Assesses whether a person attributes success to internal or external forces.


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