Employee Apptitude Test

Estimated time to complete 15 minutes 

The EAPT is an overarching assessment of a person’s work personality profile.

Report details results on:

Social Skills: Ability to interact harmoniously with people; to build a rapport with others.


Forcefulness: Assesses whether a person possesses a more commanding and controlling disposition.


Industriousness/Assiduity: Assesses degree to which a person is hard-working and diligent.


Openness to Improvement: Assesses willingness to continuously learn and grow.


Openness to Change: Extent to which an individual is comfortable with variability in his or her environment.


Conformity: Refers to obedient, unquestioning, and responsible conduct.


Resilience: Ability to bounce back from adversity.


Level-headedness: Ability to maintain poise and control in during difficult situations.


Need for Supervision: Assesses whether an individual possesses certain traits or behaviors that would make a supervised environment more beneficial


Pre-Employment Screening

Team Development