On-Line Skills Assessments

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Assessments can be used for:

  • Pre-employment Screening

  • Professional and Personal Development

  • As a Motivtional Tool

  • Sales and Customer service Training

  • Chanage and Resilience Training

  • Leadership Development

  • As a compliment to Employee Assistance Programs

  • Team Building

  • Self Improvement

  • Education and Research

  • Coaching

  • Skill Development

  • Accident Prevention

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  • Onboarding. This initial period eases a new employee into their duties and the work environment in general. Using assessments before and a few months after an onboarding session can determine the degree to which an employee's skills have progressed, and whether changes to onboarding methods are required.

  • Career development and growth. If employees are not reaching their full potential, neither will the organization they work for. Assessments can offer insight into individual employees' motivational needs, leadership potential, need for change, and other common employee issues. This will allow a company to set their staff on the path of achievement and job fulfillment by offering them meaningful opportunities to expand and grow.

  • Reducing turnover and retaining talent. Faulty hiring practices and an inability to offer incentives to encourage employees to stay can result in a loss of money, time, and talent. The use of psychological assessments can help a company monitor issues that can result in the loss of personnel, including problems related to employee burnout, lack of sufficient training, and job-hopping tendencies.

  • Management consulting and leadership development. Whether promoting from within or uncovering outside talent, companies need a surefire way to assess whether a candidate has the skills and traits needed to lead employees to success. Assessments can help identify those who have this potential, and help existing leaders and managers improve their skills and adjust their style.

  • Succession planning. Companies need to be prepared for the future and be ready to fill positions that are likely to be vacated whether through retirement, illness, or maternity leave. Assessments can help cultivate employees for future positions, identify leadership talent, and focus training approaches on areas that need development.


The assessments offered are made available as part of a complete online testing center, which features a user-friendly interface. 

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