Career Motivation Profile

Estimated time to complete 20 minutes 

This is designed to uncover what motivates your employees in order to create an environment where they can thrive.

Report details results on:

Achievement: Desire to reach goals and rise up to challenges.


Structure & Order: Desire to work in an environment with an established system for performing tasks and duties, and a clearly structured hierarchy of command.


Balanced Lifestyle: Desire to have the time to maintain both a personal and professional life.


Change and Variety: Desire for a dynamic job environment where tasks and projects vary greatly.


Creativity: Desire to take on unique projects and express one’s creativity in a professional setting.


Financial Reward: Desire to be recompensed for one’s hard work through financial means.


Identity and Purpose: Desire to take on a project or position that is in line with one’s values.


Altruism: Desire to help make the world a better place.


Contribution: Desire to make a name for oneself – to be a pioneer in a specific field.


Independence: Desire for position that offers autonomy, decision-making power, and flexibility.


Inspiration: Desire to move and motivate others through one’s work.


Learning: Desire to gain new knowledge, skills and insight.


Mobility: Desire to travel and experience new places through one’s work.


Power: Desire for a position of authority/leadership.


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