7 Strategies to help you 'Lean In' and fulfil your potential

Really appreciated the workshop.I actually put my new skills to work the very next day.

Stood firmly, held my voice, didn’t use a powerpoint deck, and involved the audience … and totally forgot to get nervous, as I was focused on getting my new skills polished.Seems I’ve been cured in one day!

To cap it off, I received glowing feedback that it was the best presentation I’d done … ever.

Thanks for making such a difference for me.


Leanne Kerr CPA Australia

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt new techniques to enhance my confidence in presenting and public speaking. Louise was engaging, knowledgeable and passon on some very helpful and up-to-date hints.

Angela Carter - Monash College

I found this workshop to be extremely inspiring and it really gave me the tools to carry out a fantasitic presentation.

Sarah Brooks - Monash College

I would thoroughly recommend this workshop to others.  A lot of practical applications and a very engaging speaker.

Kataro Ito - Monash College

The training highlighted some simple, practicle techniques that can easily be applied  The informal and engaging way it was delivered ensured it was easily absorbed and embedded.

Nicki Sheridan - Monash College

Do you...spend hours crafting a speech or presentation, or sometimes have no idea where to start?

We can help you save time, add more impact, build your confidence...

Do  you... Invest months obtaining an appointment with a prospect or committee and then fear that you will mess up your chance to make a great impression or sale?

We can help you... Make sure your presentation is more effective than other vendors?

Are you... Job hunting and need to present well at interviews... but get nervous....

Do  you... Realise speaking engagements are a way for you to gain exposure in your company or industry but don't do it because of fear?

Have you... Just been promoted and realise it will adversely affect your career unless you  improve your speaking skills?

Do you... Want the caliber of presentations at your meetings and conventions to improve dramatically...

We will simplify and demysty the process of designing a presentation for anyone who needs to speak in public

We have a range of presentation and public speakding programs and workshops available for you including:

  • 1 and 2 day workshops on presentation & public speaking skills

  • 1 day workshops on advanced presentation & public speaking skills

  • Professional Trainer's Training for internal trainers

  • Professional presentations skills for small business owners (sales focus)

  • 1/2 day refresher skills programs for presentation & public speaking skills

  • 1 day workshop on speech writing

  • One-on-one personalised coaching for executives (presentations, speeches,launches and announcements)


Every Speaker has a mouth
an arrangement rather neat
sometimes it's filled with wisdom
and sometimes it's filled with feet!

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