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Managing Information Overload

How to save yourself before it's too late!


Do you…. 

  • Never quite get to all your emails?

  • Take work home and ‘log on’ after the kids have gone to bed?

  • Feel like you are constantly ‘on’ to your work?

  • Find things ‘slipping through the cracks’ even though you are organised!

  • Often feel ‘overwhelmed’ with the amount of work you have to do?


For all the benefits of the information technology and communications revolution, it has a well-known dark side: information overload.

Did you know there is an information overload awareness day?

That’s right, it’s become such a problem that it’s even been given its own special day!

It’s not just a saying, it’s a reality and we must learn ways to manage it more effectively before it gets on top of us. 

An unceasing rhythm of daily meetings, a torrent of e-mail, huge volumes of other information, from the ever-present telephone to blogs, tweets, and social networks and you have a recipe for exhaustion. 

Better solutions exist, and they aren’t rocket science. What we want to do is invite you to a workshop that will show you some easily implementable solutions. 

If you want information on how to manage overload in your technology driven world and want better manage what the information age throws at your, then book this SHOT for our organsiation.

Managing Information Overload  - How to save yourself before it’s too late!’

Come and learn real, practical and quick to implement techniques to save yourself from the madness that has become our everyday reality with information overload. 

Come and learn....

  • Why multi-tasking is a myth and what you need to do instead

  • How you need to work to be ‘brain friendly’ and get more done

  • How to say no to distractions and filter out the unimportant

  • How to manage mental overwhelm

  • And more…… 

Your bosses, your teams and your health with thank you! 



 What Clients Have Said about Managing Information Overload

 “Louise is a dynamic and passionate presenter.  The information provided in the workshop was extremely practical and readily adapted to varying work environments.  Well worth attending with life changing potential”



 “The course was valuable in pointing out some of the physiological factors behind better management of information”


 “Thanks Louise. You present a very engaging Learning”

Rudi Kaak IPAustralia Learning and Development

 “I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the facilitator (Louise) was excellent.  I have learned useful things to help me cope and work better.

I will recommend this course to my colleagues when I return to my office”


 “Very helpful even if you’re a master of To-Do lists and decision making tools. Useful to refresh and pick up some of the latest science on information overload”

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