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Turbo Charge your business communication skills with an ‘Influence Masterclass’

The ever-popular ‘Influence Masterclass’ is a 1 day event designed specifically for leaders who need to influence and persuade as part of their role.

It is commonly accepted that one of the fundamental keys to success in business is exceptional communication skills. Communicating with clarity and precision gives you the power of influence and helps you achieve the specific professional results that are your priority.

The workshop will have a maximum of 20 participants so we can create a targeted, rapid learning environment. In this way participants will also learn from each other’s experiences to develop their own potential.


Very impressed.  Will definitely attend further courses that Performance Partnership runs.

Tony Sutcliffe - Director Comcare

Extremely relevant program for everyone who has to influence and persuade as part of their job.

Judy Hagan - Executive Office Comcare

A great course that reminds us of getting the desired results from our engagements

Rhonda Murray - Director Comcare

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

At Performance Partnership we deliver transformational training programs for individuals and groups and we are confident participants will highly rate their experience at ‘’Influence Masterclass”.

We are proud to offer a 100%  Satisfaction Guarantee if you attend the workshop but are not happy with the value you receive , then you may choose to let us know and we will  refund 100% of your investment.

Who is this ‘Influence Masterclass’ for......

  • Communicate and influence stakeholders (with varying needs and agendas)
  • Work in challenging environments (eg political, sensitive etc)
  • Manage and chair feedback meetings
  • Facilitate high level discussion to elicit an outcome (political arena)
  • Work with conflicting priorities (matrix organisations etc)
  • Present benefit or business cases regularly
  • Be a spokesperson for their organisation

Developing Excellence in any field is about ‘modelling the experts’

This Event is based models of communication excellence, so what you get in this 1 day is the very best content that you need to know to master and be able to replicate the kind of results that other very successful communicators have achieved.

In this Event you will learn aspects of communication that will accelerate your business performance and make a tangible difference to your professional performance.

This program is simply the best way to harness the power of advanced influence and persuasion skills for yourself and your organisation.

As well as looking at techniques that will make leading and influencing people much easier, you will also be working out exactly how you do the things you are already good at and how to use what you know in a much wider variety of business situations.

It will boost confidence in your own skills and enable you to get great results more easily.

  • Increase your level of confidence in front of an audience (From 1 – 100)
  • Learn how to master influencing  language – Learn what most people will never know.
  • Create a compelling argument that is so strong your audience will literally ‘sell’ your idea for you.
  • Learn from the experiences of other group members
  • Share feedback, advice and brainstorming experiences with others
  • Learn how to feel a greater sense of control over ‘difficult to control’ situations
  • Experience a dynamic learning environment
  • Build more effective relationships with the people around you

In the 1 day you will learn...

  • How to get people to do what you want them to do (ethically) and the enigma of getting them to want to do it.
  • How to read other people accurately.   You’ll be able to tell when they are receptive to your ideas and when to come back another day.  Imagine how much time you’ll save when all of your suggestions are accepted first time.
  • How to influence anyone. You’ll practice so you can do it without thinking about it and you’re free to concentrate on reading their reactions.
  • The number 1 mistake that 99% of professional and business people make in their everyday communication (that in many cases kills the message before it even gets started). And a simple process you can use instead which will ensure you never make this error again.
  • A very simple tactic for getting control over what goes on in your head (An astonishingly quick and easy technique… but known to very few people).
  • The 17 different ways to convince somebody that will help you ‘unlock the key’ to winning support from your sponsors and co-operation from everyone you need… plus the one question you must ask before you spend any time writing a business case, proposal or report.
  • 2 proven ways to establish an air of authority and stand out from the crowd that you can use immediately.
  • The  ‘deadly’ words which you are almost certainly already using in your everyday conversations and communications that are literally destroying 99% of your message and more importantly over 19 motivational words and phrases you can use instead.


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