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Why is emotional intelligence so important in leadership roles?

Being a great leader requires more than just book smarts and ability; it also requires emotional intelligence too. If you can lead and inspire a team; if you can understand what motivates your staff then you can adapt your methods to get the best out of each and every team member.

Our course, ‘The Emotionally Intelligent Leader ’ is brought to you by Performance Partnership and is a 1 day event designed specifically for professionals and leaders who want to learn the high level leadership skills that will get them noticed and boost their careers.

Based on Daniel Goleman’s  work, this  workshop will show you:

  • The 5 critical Components of EI
  • How to enhance and develop each component to your full potential
  • How to skilfully mange your emotional reactions to challenging situations
  • How to use your EI to directly enhance your professional and leadership abilities
  • How to use your knowledge to develop a high performing team

When you develop emotional intelligence skills…

When you develop EI skills, it enables you to become internally self-managed and capable of making your greatest contributions. And when you work in that zone of peak performance, so does your organisation.

Research has shown that high EI skills are the distinguishing characteristics that separate star performing professionals and executives from average ones.In this Event you will learn aspects of EI that will accelerate your professional performance and make a tangible difference to your results.

Participants in EI training programs have reported a range of 20% to 35% increase in personal productivity, 15% to 35% increased teamwork, a 20% to 40% reduction in stress and worry and similar improvements in management of emotional reactiveness, personal motivation, creativity, work/life balance and more.

When you attend our emotional intelligence professional development program  you also will receive:

Two Books – Emotional Intelligence by  Daniel Goleman and Quick Emotional Intelligence Activities for Busy Managers by Adele B. Lynn (Value $45)

An Assessment of Multiple Intelligences. The theory of multiple intelligences  was developed in 1983 by Dr Howard (Value $97)Gardner, professor of education at Harvard  University.  Dr  Gardner proposes identifying what kind of intelligences each individual  possesses as opposed to “how” intelligent  a person is.

Results include an interpretation of:

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic: Ability to coordinate bodily movements
  • Logical-Mathematical: The ability to use logical reasoning to solve a problem
  • Visual-Spatial: Capacity to perceive the visual world accurately and to transform, manipulate and recreate mental images
  • Linguistic: Capacity to use words effectively, in writing or in speech
  • Musical: Ability to compose and perform musical patterns
  • Intrapersonal: Ability to detect and discern among one’s own feelings
  • Interpersonal: The capacity to understand and interact effectively with others
  • Naturalistic: The ability to understand and classify the natural environment, particularly vegetation and animals.

An Emotional Intelligence Assessment.

People with high emotional intelligence tend to be more successful in life than those with lower EIQ - even if their classical IQ is average. The Emotional Intelligence Test will evaluate several aspects of a person’s emotional intelligence and will suggest ways to improve it. (Value $97).

Results include and interpretation of:

  • Emotional Identification, perception and Expression: Ability to characterise
  • Emotions in oneself and in others
  • Emotional Facilitation of thought: Ability / willingness to use feelings constructively; to let them guide us
  • Emotional Understanding: Ability to understand and analyse emotions, and solve emotional problems
  • Emotional Management: Ability to take responsibility for one's emotions
  • Moderating Emotional Intelligence Factors: Factors that play a role in the way emotions are perceived, understood, expressed and managed.

Advice: Helpful hints to move your Emotional Intelligence.

Laser Coaching for 1 month following the workshop (Value $1050.00)

All for the investment of $984.50 (SAVE $1289.00)

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