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Why Us?

Because we incorporate the latest research into the Neuro Science of Learning into all our programs. 

     Belief = Perception = Thinking = Behaviour

Behaviour is the end result of a number of processes that have gone before it. Our behaviour comes from what we belief, what we perceive to be true and what we think (Self Talk).  If a person doesn't understand this they they WILL always revert back to the original behaviour. 


Being anxious about presenting CANNOT be made to disappear just because you our taught presentation skill techniques.  The nerves are there because of your belief, what you perceive about the situation and what you tell yourself.  Your nerves will ALWAYS hinder your ability as a presenter unless you change what comes before the behaviour. 


Part of a leader's role is to 'manage poor performance'. If a person lacks assertiveness they will never be able to give corrective feedback properly. they will always revert to type and 'beat around the bush'.  Unless they address what is causing them to remain 'non-assertive' they will revert to old patterns of behaviour.

This sets us apart from other training organisations and its why we get amazing behavioural changes in all our trainings.

What we do at Performance Partnership is unique. We change behaviour because we change what causes the behaviour in the first place!



Please join me as I present a 45 minute compliment...

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Really appreciated the workshop.I actually put my new skills to work the very next day.

Stood firmly...

Our Facilitators 

Our team our trainers and facilitators each have over 20 years experience

 We facilitate in such a way to ensure participants:  

  • Produce innovative thinking and achieve outcomes;

  • Manage expectations, communication, negotiation, and reaching consensus;

  • Recognise problem indicators and discover solutions;

  • Facilitate cross-functional team dynamics and solutions. 

Our style encourages participants to reach an outcome for which they will take responsibility and to which they will be fully committed. We act as a catalyst, creating the conditions for productive behavioural chemistry to take place. 

Our facilitators are able to maintain a group’s focus to increase the amount of productive work and reduce the time needed to change behaviour

Louise Carter (Owner and CEO) has developed a methodology that uses creative and collaborative facilitation techniques to enable participants to make the behavioural changes they need in the shortest possible time (and for the change to be permanent).

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