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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is now recognised as one of the most effective ways to create dynamic, focused individuals and organisations. It gives you the freedom to use your talents, skills and experience - while at the same time ensuring clear goals are in place and outcomes are achieved. Specifically, executive coaching can assist you as a leader or aspiring leader in becoming a more effective leader of your team.

Executive coaching is a collaborative relationship that uses an adult learning framework to help you identify and remove those interferences that can get in the way of the expression of your full potential. Executive coaching is a three-way relationship between your coach, you and your organisation.

Louise’s work as an executive coach is a like a life saving device. Thanks to her knowledge and tools she uses in coaching managers; she catches you before you sink, shows you a safe way to get back to the shore and  teaches you the skills you need to navigate the uncharted seas and to swim with the streams of your life not against them. More importantly she helps you think and prioritise about what is really important in your life- at work, at play, with the family and with yourself.

Sophie Beauvais, Senior Leader

The Purpose of Executive Coaching

While the specific purpose of any executive coaching engagement is practically unlimited, the common theme in all Executive Coaching is to assist you (Coachee) to express more of your full potential. We focus on a very practical and experiential approach to coaching.

Rather than being a teacher, advisor or content ‘expert’, the executive coach facilitates you through an intensive and accelerated process of professional and personal development.

The coaching relationship encourages a systematic, solution-focused process of:

  • Goal setting

  • Taking action that ensures sustainable behaviour change

  • Reflecting to make sense of these changes in terms of new understandings, your initial goals, the desired organisational results and your long-term, personal potential.

  • The Essential Qualities of a Performance Partnership Executive Coach

  • We recognise that the essential qualities of an executive coach are the ability to:

  • Understand the process of executive coaching and the importance of the relationship

  • Understand and value the ethical issues of executive coaching

  • Manage their own physical, mental, and emotional state

  • Listen and ask powerful questions

  • Assess the client's desire for change

  • Build trust and balance the dichotomy between trust and challenge

  • Hold you to your commitment to action.

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